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  • Hows it works?
    DALAMI Financing matches you with one of our partners you can also fill out the application and get matched with the help of our team for DALAMI Financing a separate credit application. Dalami Financing is a BNPL credit model with simple contracts, no hard inquiries and you often approved right away.
    Dalami Financing offers a variety of payment options that you can use to pay for your order over time. After you fill out a few details, we’ll check eligibility with our partners. We’ve partnered with several leading fintechs, including Affirm, Dalami Financing, Citizens Pay, Acima to offer you compelling financing or leasing offers for which you’re qualified.
  • Do you check your score or credit report?
    DALAMI Financing does not check your credit, we may run a soft credit check via our partners or the financial bureaus, which help make faster lending decisions and better experiences. You must give permission for a company to perform a hard pull on your credit, when you apply via our partner lending sites, your credit score can be affected. Lenders may verify an applicant’s financial health, Your Credit Scores Help Determine if You Qualify For a Loan via our third party lenders.
  • Do you offer a Credit Card?
    DALAMI Financing is not a credit card program, DALAMI does not offer credit cards or partner bank cards, DALAMI Financing helps individuals apply for low cost loans through partners and DALAMI Financing a low-cost credit for items with no risk to your credit.
  • Can I choose to pay via another credit partner?
    You can’t select specific providers, even if you have previously used that payment source with a different company.
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